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As the national foreclosure rate continues to rise

Stopping Foreclosure



Become A Foreclosure

Loss Mitigation Consultant


Foreclosure loss mitigation consultants are in huge demand!

What is a foreclosure loss mitigation consultant?

(An individual who is knowlegable in the foreclosure process and how to negotiate loan modifications or other alternative foreclosure solutions with banks and lenders, to help home owners avoid foreclosure.)


If you've ever wanted to help people in need and earn a six figure income, this may be the field for you!

And, If have a phone, and a computer, you can start this business today!

Anyone can stop foreclosure, if you have the knowledge.


The Loss Mitigation Training Course Now!


We show you:

  • Exactly how the foreclosure process works in detail
  • How having a foreclosure effects your credit score
  • How long it will be until you can get a mortgage again
  • How to get a 2-6 month grace period with no mortgage payments
  • How to get a mortgage re-instated to avoid a foreclosure
  • How to give a property back to the bank without ruining your credit
  • How to stop the bank from foreclosing, in step-by-step detail
  • How much time you have to redeem a home after the foreclosure
  • Where to find clients who  need your professional services
  • Why filing bankruptcy does not mean the bank can't foreclose
  • How much to charge and other alternatives to foreclosure


"The Loss Mitigation Training Course"



The Loss Mitigation Training Course, written by a former senior consultant of a foreclosure prevention firm, is a step-by-step, NO FLUF, training course that shows you how to make thousands of dollars, while helping people avoid foreclosure.


Who Can Stop Foreclosure?

Anyone can stop  foreclosure by using legal  foreclosure prevention techniques explained in this easy to  learn course. 

The Loss Mitigation Training Course comes with all the forms that the mortgage company will Require to STOP THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS.

With "The Loss Mitigation Training Course" You also get all of the forms that your clients will need in order to sign up for your services. And, the best part is that you can start your foreclosure prevention business today, because This Training Course Downloads to your computer immediately so you can learn how the foreclosure process works and how to stop it, dead in it's tracks.


Most people who lose their homes because of a lack of knowledge

Get the knowledge you need to help them stop foreclosure!

This course teaches the same simple techniques that expensive foreclosure

prevention companies use to help their client's avoid foreclosure

Recent Testimonials:

"Dear Kevin, I have tried a few start-ups in my day but this has to be the easiest business I have ever started. It took me about a week to get commited to learning the whole foreclosure process but it is very easy to understand and I wanted to let you know that I got 2 clients from my first newspaper ad I placed on sunday and I have made over $1,000 in less than 3 weeks!

I wonder what happens when I start working on foreclosures full time!

-- Brenda T.

Irvin, CA

"Hey Kevin, I'm a real estate agent in Detroit and our real estate market is pretty slow for sales right now. It's so slow that I have taken a second job.  That's why I downloaded your course. 

Man!!! I had no Idea that it was gong to be this busy!  Detroit has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation and that means that there are hundreds if not thousands of potential clients for me. 

I'm making great money and I have been getting referrals from other agents who can't help they're clients.  I am very greatful for this information.

-- Kenneth M.

Detroit, MI

"I just wanted to say that you have written a great training book.  It's extremely simple, almost too simple I thought.  I am very surprised that this works.  I thought it would be more to it. But it works so I give it the thumbs up!

p.s. when are you gonna write a book on short sales?

-- Aaron R.

Las Vegas, NV


  • The average charge to stop foreclosure is $500 to $1,000
  • Companies charge $595 up to $2,000 for a loan modification
  • The Loss Mitigation Training Techiques Work In All 50 States
  • Foreclosure prevention companies charge $500+ dollars to perform these same steps on their client's behalf.
  • The foreclosure rate will contue to rise for the foreseeable future.
  • The techniques explained in "The Loss Mitigation Training Course" have a 98% success rate.
  • People facing foreclosure are everywhere, you can start making money immediately!

Business In A Box!!

    Highlights of becoming a foreclosure loss mitigation consultant include:

    • You can work from home
    • You make $500 minimum per client
    • This business can be done part-time or full
    • You can help people in need, while making a six figure income
    • Work with home owners locally or anywhere in the country
    • There are no other start-up cost neccessary to  get started today
    • If you have a phone, and a computer, you can run this business!


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